A quote by Andrea Kuszewski

“The time has never been more ready for systemic change than right now, and we’ve never had better tools to achieve this level of creative disobedience, to successfully prepare our children for the big challenges that lie ahead. It might be uncomfortable and take a bit of work, but our future depends on this radical change in order to survive.” – Andrea Kuszewski


A final note

Years ago one could never imagine that active learning could take place straight from your home desk.  IT in education has, and still is rapidly developing and expanding, revealing itself through new learning programs, apps, YouTube, user interfaces and smartphones.

The importance of information systems is undoubtedly noticeable and has contributed so much to individuals, businesses and societies. Thus the awareness of information systems is vital.

With the availability of so many platforms there should be no excuse as to why lecturers, students, teachers and institutions themselves should be not using these advances in technology to their advantage. The reasons as to why everyone should be aware or have some knowledge about information systems are staring us all in the face every single day. We just have to take a very good look around.

Author – Nyles Jacobs

The importance of a well-designed user interface



Well-Designed User Interfaces


The user interface is the means by which a user and device interact. A well-designed user interface is a necessity in today’s world.  Developers and designers have to work hand in hand to create intuitive and responsive user interfaces that work for tactile, sensory, and traditional approaches.

Key aspects of a well-designed user interface include:


Creativity & Consistency in UI Design



Consistency ensures that the user experience is streamlined, it allows users to rely on knowledge they already have making them more likely to use and recommend the app or software.




visual hierarchy


Visual hierarchy:

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of information based on getting the eye to recognise a focal point first and then gradually moving in a consistent manner around the page. It allows for clear ordering of information.






Layout and order:

The way we perceive information can be enhanced or diminished by how the information is presented. Overcrowded disjointed unrelated information lessens the user experience and how much information is retained.




color-ideas-web-design-fresh-innovative f




The overall look and appeal, such as contrast, colours, visual flow, etc.




The reason why all of these aspects are so important is they make everything more intuitive and therefore enhance the user experience. User interfaces are no longer being designed for one platform they need to be functional over multiple new and expanding formats.

User interfaces also need to be designed for non-traditional users i.e. children, people with disabilities, etc.  Children face different challenges to adults and with the movement of tablet/smartphone usage in education their needs must be taken into account.  Well-designed interfaces allow them easier use of these devices as well as effective learning.

Well-designed user interfaces are therefore very important in that they make the user experience more intuitive and people retain necessary information more easily.
10 Commandments of User Interface Design
Courtesy of: Designmantic.com

Author – Taryn Reddy



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