Best Apps – Gojimo and Khan

Apps have taken center stage in the world by assisting us with our education in this fast growing technological world. Apps such as Gojimo and Khan Academy are very different but both serve the same purpose.

“Everyone deserves a free, world-class education” – words said by the Salman ‘Sal’ Khan, creator and founder of the Khan Academy. An App like Khan Academy has been help to of assistance to students who cannot attend lectures because of unforeseen events. This organisation was created with the aim to provide free and world-class education for everyone. The resources are free and available to everyone around the world with short lectures are provided on YouTube. However, Khan Academy has its own negative, as not everyone can find it easy to access the lectures on YouTube owing to terrible internet connections, thus at a disadvantage.

With Khan Academy as a global app that assists everyone across the globe, there is a free App for South African matriculants – (Gojimo) that has been launched to help matrics get through their most important year of their schooling career. It offers free content specifically written for SA matrics with different subjects offered to choose from. The App offers random quizzes, give access to old questions and answers to give a better understanding of the material learnt in class. One of the biggest advantage the App poses is that once the App and the subject content has been downloaded to your device, you don’t need a connection to work through it considering that students do not have an internet connection everywhere.

With technology integrated in education, education will be much easily accessible and fun if the technology implemented is efficient and available to all.

Author – Chantelle Seabi


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Welcome note

The biggest factor that has contributed to the success of internationally recognized businesses lie behind their information system. Administration information systems, Finance information system, operational Information systems and so forth. Just as important it is for businesses, it’s been a critical element in education and the development thereof.

An example of a major information system in education is the Education Management Information System (EMIS) which was specifically designed to manage information about students, educational institutions, academic records, and other information relevant and regarding education. It was also mainly created to monitor performance of education, distribution and allocation of educational resources and services.

In addition to this, educational information systems and its rapid development has lead to the birth of ‘apps’ explicitly for educational purposes, e-learning, and other user interfaces in education. Many education institutions have developed to such an extent where tablets and smartphones is the basic material required for learning.

Author – Nyles Jacobs